Wedding & Special Event Planner & Designer


Background and Experience

My love for weddings was first discovered accidentally, when I volunteered to help a friend plan hers in less than 6 months. I had no idea what I was doing. Since then I have become obsessed with all things weddings and special events.

I have planned countless events in my time as a corporate event planner before transitioning into wedding designing and diving deeper into wedding planning.

My belief is that every couple deserves the chance to express their unique love story and sense of style on their wedding day.

While looking back on my university days, I realized that there was a reason why I was always planning cozy gatherings with friends turned family and had just as much fun putting together outlandish scavenger hunts and activities as I did participating in them. I was unravelling my love of carefully crafted gatherings and experiences to make and commemorate memories.

Since 2007, I have amassed years of experience in industries ranging from Food and Beverage to Marketing to Event Planning and Floral Design. This mix allows me to create and execute unique designs and experiences from the standpoint of the guests, the hosts and the vendors. This 360° view allows for a more memorable and enjoyable time for everyone. 

Photo courtesy of Cay Focus Photography

Photo courtesy of Cay Focus Photography


Consider the blissful benefits of a microwedding (think 50 people or less), an intimate wedding filled with meaningful details and a showcase of your love with only your most treasured family and friends. Imagine a ceremony where customization is the maid of honor and simplicity is the flower girl.  Embrace the FREEDOM of spending your nuptial purse on what is most important to you, without planning and executing a huge ceremony.  And speaking about execution, wouldn’t it be nice to just show up at your wedding and ENJOY each precious, life-giving moment because all of the details have been expertly and efficiently handled by a highly experienced Wedding Planner & Designer with a seasoned network of vendors.

Engage! plans weddings in The Bahamas, which is the same as planning them in…PARADISE.  Picture having at your disposal the relentless sunshine and transparent azure waters of 700 islands, reefs and cays. Keeping it intimate means you have the option of tying the knot in the most unconventional spaces: a museum, a fort, a sandy spot on the water’s edge…you get to choose. 

If you happen to live in The Bahamas, Engage would be happy to prove that familiarity breeds enchantment when you call the ideal wedding destination...home. 


Shana, thank you! The flowers were perfect and the arbor felt so desert island - just what I was going for!

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